Posted on: March 8, 2009 6:21 pm

Helton's 'BACK'

It was nice to see Todd Helton put one out of the park in his first at bat this spring.  Hopefully he continues to drive the ball all season long.  I think he could re-emerge as one of the games premier hitters in 2009.  His work ethic is tremendous and he seems to be physically on track to start producing those .340-25-120 seasons again.  I hope he is healthy and leads this team back to the playoffs.  The NL West is wide open and up for grabs.  It would be fun to watch the Rockies recreate the exitment of "Rocktober"


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Posted on: November 12, 2008 3:28 pm
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Monfort's need to sell the Rockies

Man oh man, what can you say that is nice about the Monfort brothers right now?  Other than the fact that they did help bring baseball to Colorado about 20 years ago....nothing.  This is getting out of control.   Spend some money on this team and try to win or sell the team to someone who is interested in winning.  Denver has a very supportive and loyal fan base for all of its professional teams.  The waiting list for Bronco season tickets is years long.  We crowd into the Pepsi Center nightly to see the Nuggets and the Avalache play through the good seasons and the bad.  Attendance was good enough at the Rapids games that they built their own brand new facility.  And the Rockies get several million people into those seats at Coors field every year.   The Broncos, Nuggets, Avalanche, Rapids, Outlaws, Crush and Mammoth all do their best to field a winning and competitve team each year.  Pat Bowlen and Stan Kroenke have brought this city 4 major championships in recent years.  All in all the owners in this city do a good job trying keep our pro teams competetive.  However the Monfort boys are the exception.  They continue to mislead the fans by selling on the next best plan they have to win.  But enough is enough.  We have alll had it with your greed and unwillingness to try and field a championship team.  Please just put this team up for sale.  Take your huge profit when it sells and leave our baseball team alone.  Shame on you two for taking advantage of a loyal group of fans in Colorado.  Sell the team and leave town!
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Posted on: September 1, 2008 11:16 am

Rockies talent overload

Let's assume Todd Helton sits out the rest of the 2008 season and gets bick healthy.  I would project him coming back in 2009 and putting up solid numbers again (.325-90-20 with a ton of walks and a gold glove).  So with Helton projected to make close to 20 million next year he his almost untradeable.  That poses the question, what do the Rockies do with Garrett Atkins when Helton returns.  Do you move him back to third base and force Ian Stewart to find a new home?  Stewart has proven he is athletic enough to play second base or corner outfield.  But do you want him to have to learn another position at the risk of him suffering at the plate?  Without trading anyone I feel this is our only option.

The next option is trading someone.  You could trade Atkins or Holliday and have Stewart fill in for them in the field.  If the Rockies choose to go this route I hope they would get a number 1 or 2 starter out of the deal.  With NL West as weak as it is right now I would be dissapointed if they unloaded a top talent and picked up more prospects.

What are your thoughts?  Should they trade an All-Star?  If so what should they target?  If not where would oyu play everyone?

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